About society

Millions of people cross international borders every day, traveling in various parts of the world exposing them to a different health environment. Climate change, globalization and other outcomes of industrialization change the epidemiology of infectious diseases, but even more noticeable, the appearance of old and forgotten diseases in areas where they have not previously occurred, with new clinical features, resistance to antimicrobial therapy and risk for human health. Tourism, uncontrolled expansion of cities, exotic animals as pets, the uncontrolled import of food and population movements, opens the real possibility of the introduction of new pathogens. Epidemics of Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or 2009 Influenza A H1N1 once again reminded us how modern technological advances opened doors to spreading infectious agents, but also provided better prospects for monitoring, rapid diagnosis and treatment of these dangerous diseases.
The field of travel and migratory medicine encompasses a wide variety of disciplines including epidemiology, infectious disease, public health, tropical medicine, high altitude physiology, travel related obstetrics, psychiatry, occupational medicine, military and migration medicine, and environmental health.

We have recognized the need and opportunity to address the issues of modern tropical, travel and migratory medicine in the region, so the Croatian Society for Travel, Tropical and Migration Medicine was established on May 28, 2014 at the University Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Zagreb, Croatia.