With an estimated 400,000-800,000 people immigrants arriving in EU countries just in 2015, there can be little doubt that migration is among the leading issues of the 21st century. The growing numbers of migrants and asylum seekers fleeing turmoil in Africa and the Middle East poses complex challenges not just for European policymakers, but also for public health organization.

Human migration is not a new phenomenon, but it has changed significantly in number and nature with the growth of globalization, effects of climate change, political disturbance and threat of terrorism. As a result, migrant networks that facilitate mobility and circular migration, in particular, have expanded in unprecedented ways. Yet, attention to the health of migrants is still limited.

Join us at the 1st Croatian Congress on Travel, Tropical, Migration Medicine & HIV with international participation for a CroCTM&HIV Round Table on the health-care aspects of Migration, to be held on Saturday, October 3rd. This will be an open forum for leading experts in the field to discuss and re-think in light of the complexity of recent migration processes, the health-care issues and problems of the 21st century Migration Medicine.

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